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June 23rd, 2004

Thanks to Jamie, I now have a Gmail account. Like him I don’t know what I am going to use it for yet. Probably I’ll migrate some of my non-spam mailing list mail to it

That way I can have my university a/c for work and stuff; this attracts suprisingly little spam even with a blog (although I probably just jinxed it). An address for untrusted lists etc and Gmail for personal stuff and non-spamming lists (if any such things exist).

I’m not dumb enugh to post my new email here. So here is Jamie’s instead.

June 23rd, 2004

Neville writes to tell me that the fencing school is having a bit of a show. Hopefully this means I will have some fencing photos soon.

This Wednesday the Limerick School of Arms shall be moving to the Limerick Boatclub for one night only, and we are going to make a bit of a show of it.

We shall be holding a public demonstration of classical fencing, including foil and backsword.

The class will run from 7-10 as per normal.

The public display will start at 9.

Bar service available.