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August 26th, 2004


Picked up a bottle of Talisker in London as a thank you for Padraig for letting me sleep on the floor of his living room. (Jamie and Hilary only got travel scrabble – and they had a spare bed!!). I was pleasently suprised to discover that Padraig not only likes whisky, but already had a half-empty bottle of Talsiker in the flat. And he poured a more than generous dram (a dram is a measure that is pleasing to both guest and host). Nice to know that bottle has gone to a good home.

Continuing the journey through single malt scottish whisky I picked up a bottle of Ardbeg 10 Years old. Nev and I had a dram on Tuesday. I think a few more are required before I make a final decision on whether I like it or not. Best guess is I do :-)

August 25th, 2004

England Expects…

Just back from a trip to Southampton, visiting Jamie and Hilary in their Babylonian Captivity. And a good time was had by all. Well more like an alcohol and sugar fuelled time was had by all – including, but not limited to sherbet, vodka, uno and jazz (not necessarily all at the same time).

I also took the opportunity to stay in London for a few days, courtesy of Padraig (another ex-broadcom person) where I overdosed on museums and other cultural activities. (I shall have to do some muesum blogging later.) There was some drinking as well. We crashed Padraig’s regular thurs night table quiz and won £20 pounds drinking money.

Quicksilver and The Confusion by Neal Stephenson are really good walking around London books. OK, they are respectively (in hardback) 900 and 800 pages each so they are more like dead weight. But a lot of the action happens in 1680-1700 London and one can still get a flavour of the times and places in the book while wandering aimlessly around the City of London, and Westminister and Greenwich and Charing Cross and you get the picture.

The only problem with lots of walking and travelling is my knee has a tendency to sieze up after a couple of hours in a plane or a train. So walking wasn’t that much fun on Wed and Mon, the big travel days. Nothing that rest and some light stretching and some heavy drinking couldn’t fix.

August 5th, 2004

Word of the Day

I wish I could say that I won last nights scrabble game due to my innate and extensive knowledge of english words. But sometimes when you pull seven letters out of a bag at random you end up with franked.

In any case its worth at least 80 points as an opening move in scrabble – an effectively (though not always) insurmountable lead. Anyway, today’s word of the day is franked .

tr.v. franked, frank·ing, franks


a. To put an official mark on (a piece of mail) so that it can be sent free of charge.

b. To send (mail) free of charge.

2. To place a stamp or mark on (a piece of mail) to show the payment of postage.

3. To enable (a person) to come and go freely.



a. A mark or signature placed on a piece of mail to indicate the right to send it free of charge.

b. The right to send mail free.

2. A franked piece of mail.