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This reads like vomit.

February 15th, 2008
If you read as much as I do then you are probably reading a book or two every week, with the occasional splurge or dry patch. If you buy as money books as I do then you probably need to think about finishing that thesis pretty damn quick and get a real job to fund your habit. If you read as many books as I would like to then you may have some type of neurological disorder and should probably see someone about that. If you buy as many books as I would like to then you are Dolores MacNamara and I claim my 10 dollars, or 2 million euro or whatever is handy.

Anyway. Its hard to be online and have an interest in reading and not come across sites by and about authors, publishers, booksellers and people generally hanging around and interested in the publishing industry. All of which can reveal much goodness about the inner workings of the industry including lots of tips on how to make it, who is trying to stop you and so on and so forth.

At this stage I should point out that I don’t have any unsatisfied itch to scratch on becoming a writer. I get to write a lot in my day job; such that I am not so interested in pursuing it as a hobby or alternative. But as Ronan and I were talking about this morning, knowing something about the writing and editing process can raise the overall standard of a journal. So the more you know about the art, skill and process of writing and the more you practice the less you need to worry that you English skills are letting you down in that conference paper or whatever.

And that seems to be a better alternative than depending on your rock-hard abs, boyish (or girlish) good looks or your cat to get published. The underwear thing may be worth a try…