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Lazy German Mondays…

October 27th, 2008

Today is a Bank Holiday at home, but not in Munich. Personally I tend to believe that ex-pats should be allowed off on all their national holidays as well as all local holidays, and of course their birthdays.

I have a day off because the next German course does not start until Thursday and even then I will not be allowed join unless I achieved a satisfactory result in the end-of-course test last Friday. Results are out tomorrow and we get diplomas on wed, assuming all goes well. We only have 3 weekdays between courses this time (last time we had 1.5 weeks) to allow the next 8 week course to be squeezed in before Christmas. Well they say 8 weeks, but the first week is only Thurs and Fri.

So as I still have two more days this week to do stuff, I am using today to not do too much at all. A bit of shopping, some domestic chores and so on and so forth. Just like a Sunday or a Bank Holiday Monday at home.