Please please please do not send me book recommendations. its not like I have any willpower; or money.

Maybe I should just forward it on to Jamie… and then borrow it when he is home next month

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  1. Jamie Says:

    errr… no thanks. Several years ago I tried to read his last book and didn’t make it past the introduction.

    I’m not particularly fond of books attempting to describe the whole universe. There are probably only a few side effects to this: a) the author gets invited to gives lots of talks, b) everyone talks about the marvellous book, c) no one understands it and d) if anyone does understand it, it doesn’t matter because it’s wrong anyway.

    And personally, I reckon they’re just copying a certain Mr. D. Adams who long ago told us what the answer was (and he did it in far less pages than Penrose, Wolfram, etc.)

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