Jamie is a bit smashed up and out of sorts at the moment. So I headed down to the wilds of Co. Cork with a bit of navigational aid from Ian and Ronan.

I brought along some reading for the laid-up geek on the go (or not). Halting State by Charles Stross, which I am reading at the moment and should hit all the proper techno-game-futureshock buttons. The Atrocity Archive also by Charles Stross, a very similar book in many ways (except the tech features and the related in-jokes are all 10 years older) and its about cultist nazis in spaaaaccccccceeeeeeee (well alternate universe which is almost the same thing). A copy of the latest Bill Bryson books to fire the travel side of ones imagination. And a copy of wired, mostly because Hilary didn’t have time to go get a copy.

Couldn’t find a lot about butterfly fractures on the web. And then I had to go look up what comminution means.

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  1. amadan Says:

    tell Jamie we wish him well in his recovery.

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