Big In Japan

From akuaku

JapanToday has an article about an unlikely hit pop song. The song is the official song for a demolition company, composed and performed by one of the workers.

Unlike the stiff, propagandalike nature of regular Japanese corporate anthems, the up-tempo rock tune, written and performed by a Nihon Break Kogyo demolition worker, sounds like the themes from old Japanese animated films featuring superheroes.

But the humorous lyrics reflect the pure corporate anthem spirit of promoting the company — “We will destroy houses! We will destroy bridges! We will destroy buildings! To the east, to the west — Run, Run, Nihon Break Kogyo!”

And of course there is a video…

As usual apologies to the non-youtube people.

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  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    I never learn the words to my company song. Bad gaijin Danny.

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