Lazy German Mondays…

Today is a Bank Holiday at home, but not in Munich. Personally I tend to believe that ex-pats should be allowed off on all their national holidays as well as all local holidays, and of course their birthdays.

I have a day off because the next German course does not start until Thursday and even then I will not be allowed join unless I achieved a satisfactory result in the end-of-course test last Friday. Results are out tomorrow and we get diplomas on wed, assuming all goes well. We only have 3 weekdays between courses this time (last time we had 1.5 weeks) to allow the next 8 week course to be squeezed in before Christmas. Well they say 8 weeks, but the first week is only Thurs and Fri.

So as I still have two more days this week to do stuff, I am using today to not do too much at all. A bit of shopping, some domestic chores and so on and so forth. Just like a Sunday or a Bank Holiday Monday at home.

3 Responses to “Lazy German Mondays…”

  1. Ronan Says:

    mgb – you’re a straight A student… so I expect nothing less than a diploma by Wednesday. now schnell or something!


  2. Joe Says:

    Some of the bankers didn’t take a holiday today and the ISEQ was down 3% today

  3. mgb Says:

    Saw that, although the consensus seems to be forming that the ECB will ride to the rescue with Interest rate cuts. Very few people seem to remember Trichet more or less saying that there would be no more cuts in the Interest Rate unless Inflation were to come down or the financial markets were to go into completely fucked self destruct mode and be in danger of taking the wider economy with them.

    That reminds me, I wonder how Inflation is doing…

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