Peaches and Cream

This article at the Register made me laugh! I didn’t even know Peaches Geldof was a writer now…

Well, for her efforts, Peaches immediately attracted hundreds of comments, few of them complimentary and most now pulled by Nylon. One survivor of the editorial hate cull notes: “i think they were right to delete all the nasty, bitter comments that were based on no more than ignorant and irrational prejudige. however, the person who posted the word ‘c*nt’ 11,000 times made a valid point, one that was based upon sound reasoning and enlighted argument. i see no reason why that should have been censored.”

In comparison, I don’t think Dan has anything to worry about. Unless Sunday Times readers are a lot meaner then they let on!

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  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    I’m no Peaches Geldof I guess.

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