We had kids at the door today, but the cupboard was bare. Well not quite bare, all we had to offer were Oranges, Bananas, Butter Biscuits and 70% Chocolate, and Chocolate Liquors. No kid alive, and certainly not those lacking in Adult supervision, is going to accept fruit, biscuits are a no-no and Chocolate Liquers are a gateway drug. I don’t know how many 7-11 year olds appreciate 70% Lindt chocolate, but maybe a few mammies and daddies will raid the goodie bags later and be pleasantly surprised.

I wanted to tell the kids that today is Reformation Day and they should all be at home contemplating the state of their souls. Chuffy thought that was mean – and so naturally that I should do it, but my German isn’t that good yet and anyway Bavaria is Catholic so they can have Chocolate today and contemplate their souls later. Where’s the Soul Cake Duck when you really need it!!!

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  1. Joe Says:

    Rural Bavaria is very Catholic. Cities like Erlangen and Nuremberg are more protestant which is probably why the cathedral is in Bamberg.

    Munich, Dec. 2006: 39.4 % Catholic, 14.3 % protestant und approx. 46 % other religions or no religion (perhaps for tax reasons!)

    And for the whole state:

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